Attaching scenery items to other scenery items


So if I want to attach a item to another item, fx a small bolt to a wooden disc, it looks like they are in fact attached to each other. But when I use the rotation cog on the disc to make it spin continuously the small bolt stays in place and does not rotate on the disc.
Is there a way of somehow merging things?
Best wishes


I feel like that would be a good idea too, merge multiple objects and be able to move it as a whole, would be really useful, hope they put it in :pray:


Hey everyone, great news. This feature is in! :smiley:

If you hold your finger down on an object, you will notice after a second or so it will highlight and start shaking. Once this happens, simply tap any other objects to group them together.

To ungroup do the same thing, tap and hold on the group till it shakes and then deselect objects you no longer want attached.

Hope that helps!