Clarity on What is behind Paywall


Hi WonderWorlds Team,

I was just looking to find some clarification as to what is actually behind the paywall and what is free.

I’ve just got to the point where the wonderlcub is unlocked and after playing 4 levels it seems that wonder club is essentially locked at the moment. So I was wondering if this is a permeant 4 levels are free to play in the wonder club, if its timed limitations or what is the situation.

I like the concept of the game so I will be supporting you guys and paying but I just wished it was more clear on what the limits are for non paying players. Better incentive that way in my mind.



Hi there!

Thanks for your excellent question! We’re looking at ways to improve the communication of what’s available in the WonderBundle, especially in regards to the WonderClub.

Essentially all single player content and a whole heap of costumes, decorations and creative content are unlocked for players who have bought the full game. For players who do not own the WonderBundle, they can access the first few single player level and they can also play a limited number of levels created by the community. This resets every day, so it’s not permanent. That way players returning the next day, can sample more levels created by the community. They also have unlimited access to the creation tools, but can only share 1 level a day.

Those that own the WonderBundle have unlimited access and over the next few weeks we’ll be adding some more content for full paying players.