Edit mode - description & how to


Hi, i like Wonderworlds a lot.
I already tried to create my own level. But it took me a while to figure out how things done in edit mode - especially in ‘game play’ section. You have the descriptions for us on each icon (so i know what is it) but no ‘how to’? So i just don’t know how to use them.
It’d be great if you have manual how to combind things together and how it works.


It does take some time and experimenting to get used to it, once you make a level or two, you’ll pick it up easily


We’re working on adding some more in depth video tutorials for key features - in the meantime hopefully this link wilI help!

I might try and do a developer video and show off how some of the levels in the single player campaign were created too, if that’s of interest?


Of course, I had to go and post the wrong link!


Actually, I’m quite interested in how you can use 2 separate objects and connect them to a door to move. My example would be:
Say the objective of this level is to bring 2 batteries to a door to make it open, I would like to be able to bring ANY battery to the door first and have it go half way down, then bring the other battery and the other half go down.
I feel like I’ve tried everything but I might be overthinking the situation and it’s flying over my head. Any help would be appreciated!


I think I understand your question - you basically want a door to go up/down - but the amount it moves is dependant on bringing X number of objects to it. So finding one object would open it halfway, finding the other object would open it all the way.

There’s multiple ways you could approach it - Dependant on the importance of order, the simplest thing to do would be to add 2 movers to the door. Each mover would move the door half the distance it needs to go. Multiple movers on the same object can stack - so you can trigger one and then the other to move the full distance required.

You would then add 2 trigger volumes, each one looking for one of the batteries (each trigger volume would have to look for a particular tag - so battery 1 would have a tag of 1, battery 2 would have a tag of 2). Each Trigger volume would then be connected to one of the movers. When both triggers are activated the door will have moved the full distance.

Hoping to put an in-depth tutorial together for movers and rotators in the next day! But I hope the above helps. :slight_smile:


Hello, How do you attach a Battery to a Battery Slot and make it active a Object to work?


So this is a little more complicated to set up - basically there are two batteries. One that you carry, and another which is inside the battery slot, but set to be invisible. We use a detector to look for the battery we’re carrying (the detector is set to look for a tagged object and we place the appropriate tag on the battery). When the detector detects the battery close by, it signals to delete the one we’re carrying, and turns the other battery on!