More convenient way to browse wonderlcub levels and download feature?


Hi Again,

I was thinking especially now having already breached 5000 wonderclub levels, would it be possible to have a separate portal or area on your website where you can more easily browse, search and possibly queue up levels? (thinking of something along the lines of - but with much better search features)

at the moment it seems a bit tiresome going through the way it is for extended time.

Also a feature to download levels so that we can play more when offline?



We definitely want to improve the wonderclub search features both in game and have a few ideas up our sleeve. I’ll pass on your comments for the website too - we have the functionality to show off levels through the web interface (as you’ve probably noticed) so just need to look at what work would be required.

Love your suggestion for downloading to play offline too.



While we don’t have an online search portal. You can now follow other players in the game, you’ll see the levels they like and create in the DISCOVER tab of the WonderClub - The more people you follow, the more likely you’ll start seeing cool content made by the community.