Some Feedback on UI


Hey Wonderworlds team,

Just had some feedback on some annoyances I have with the game UI,

  • Speech bubbles during the adventure are quite small and don’t really grab attention as much as they should. I find myself running past them too quickly and they just flash in and out of view. So being harder to read is not as helpful

  • The store - could unlock now and the name of the item be both either above or both under the item as its really confusing with text regarding one item being top and bottom. Also would be neat if you could add filters as well

Thats it so far from my limited play. I hope you guys do well with this game!


Hey there!

Thanks for the feedback we really appreciate it (Both good or bad!).

I’ll pass on your comments about the speech bubbles and see if there’s anything we can do to improve the functionality there.

Regarding the store - We hear you! We have some plans to improve the store UI with an iPad only interface that makes it easier to see content etc… Filters are also planned, especially as we’ll be adding more content and clothing soon!