WonderWorlds bugs


First forum post yay!
I have a problem with the tutorial. When I first arrive in my home / hub area, I am told I can decorate. When I press the sticker it tells me that decorate is locked until level two. So in effect, I’m stuck in my house.


Hi, it sounds to me like you haven’t received XP from completing one of the earlier levels. We’re looking at a longer term fix to prevent this from happening, but if you email me with your GameCenter ID we can look at what has happened and gift the XP (if you haven’t logged in with GameCenter uninstalling and reinstalling should start you as a fresh player).

Did you happen to die during level 1 or 2 out of interest ? if you did, that will also be something that we’ll need to resolve so it can’t happen again for other players.

Really sorry that you’ve had a problem!


Just to let you know - this issue has now been resolved. Anyone who was unfortunate to encounter it, should be able to get past that section of the tutorial now in the latest version of the game v1.06.